Real estate photographer

Professional Real Estate Photographer

Selling your house or yacht, opening your hotel or just making a sales brochure with  pictures of your own factory you will surely need the best shots of your property. If you want to have the best results, you have to get in touch with a real estate photographer.

My name is Peter Kiss and what I can do for you is to show the real and the best face of your real estate. I give you a hand to transfer feelings and facts by images. As they say:


“There is no second chance for the first impression”

Showing the right images of any architectural object doesn’t mean to clear out every dent on the wall by photoshop. Depending on the purpose the photos have to lead your clients’ attention to the point. The images must contain a message. Sometimes it is to feel the gigantic space, sometimes to deliver the feeling standing there. There are businesses where you have to grab your clients’ attention or increase their confidence in a second by a quick look on a photo. In this case that photo must be taken professionally, focused on the purpose, making the image to work for you. To work to reach your goal and tell  what you want to say, regardless of its value.

This is how I feel about the real estate photography and this is my point of view which I would like to help you with to reach higher level of success through my photos. You can have a look on my gallery to check out my works on the Canary Islands.

real estate photographer